That’s Right: Transitions Bumps

That’s Right: Transitions Bumps

That’s Right! This completely free app combines the fun of trivia with the thrill (but not risk) of gambling, rewarding your random knowledge with money. How does it work? Multiple days a week at 8:15 P.M. (in central time), the live show begins and asks players a series of ten multiple-choice questions. If you answer them all correctly, you and the other winners share the prize money, which usually ranges between eight and fifteen dollars.


The marketing team from Plondo Network reached out to help them create and develop the graphic content for their game App That's Right. Package included: App interface, app icon, show package such as lower third, bug, transitions, backgrounds as well as promotional video. Produced by Miguel Perez.

  • Tools

    After Effects Cinema 4D

  • What I Did

    Concept Animation Sound Design

  • Client

    Plondo Advertising


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